Kids Chef Hats - Cloth, Paper & Non Woven

Kids Cloth Chef Hats

Top Quality Cloth Poly Cotton Twill Chef Hats for Kids!  Embroidery Available! Kids Chef Hats

Kids Chef Hats - Personalized Kids Chef Hats - Poly Cotton Twill - Made in the USA!   Embroidery Available!

Non Woven Chef Hats

Non Woven Pleated Junior Chef Hat - Better than Paper but More Afordable than Cloth!

Non Woven Pleated Junior Chef Hat - Better than Kids Paper Chef Hats but More Affordable than Cloth!

Personalized Kids Chef Hats

Personalized Kids Chef Hats. Top Quality Poly Cotton Twill with Adjustable Velcro. Variety of Colors

 Top Quality Poly Cotton Twill - Made in the USA! Adjustable Velcro - Embroidery Available! 

Selection of Colors Available

Paper Chef Hats

Kids Paper Chef Hats, Chef Hats for Children. Child Size Paper Chef Hat.

Paper Chef Hats for toddlers, kids and adults. See the variety of chef hat styles available!

Paper Chef Caps

Paper Chef Hats, paper chef caps, kids paper chef hats

Paper Chef Caps

Best Value!  Buy in Small or Large Quantities. Perfect for Kids Cooking Events, Schools, & Cooking Parties!

Chef Hats for Adults


Cloth Chef Hats for Adult Chef Wear. 

 Professional Embroidery Available. 

Currently Out of Stock

What's your Style

Kids Paper Chef Hats

So you decided you will go with paper or disposable chef hats for your cooking event and figured that decision was out of the way.  Then you come to realize there are dozens of different styles of paper chef hats to choose from.  For instance, the tall tight fluted professional culinary look, the wider Vicose pleated more narrow style, then there is the more round full but yet short culinary hat, the full flair Pillsbury style hat and then the simple short bakery / deli style chef cap. With so many styles to ponder the question comes, what is the best deal for the quality of hat.  The first thing you may want to consider is the age range of the audience that is going to use the products along with how many uses or the time range they will need these chef hats to last.  The hats that ship and arrive flat could be easier for decorating with crayons and markers for younger children. This makes for a great cooking party activity and gives the hats an added value. Regardless of which chef hat you decide to go with you can be confident it will be sure to serve it's purpose!